Improvement on the Signal Services

We made some arrangements on the data interface of transaction history table and exit signal’s profit upon your feedback. We’d like to make some additional clarifications in line with these arrangements.

Why are the exit signals being generated again for the closed positions?

GAG analyze the market instantly and send signals to you when it’s appropriate time for the exit. You may not close your position completely or may missed the signal, that’s why the exit signals are being delivered recurrently at appropriate times..

Why are the exit signals without profit rate calculation being generated?

Exit signals without profit calculation within the notifications also means that the position was closed for the related coin previously. Profit rate is being calculated in the first close out and notification is being sent to you. If a new position is going to be opened for the same coin, profit rate will show up in the nearest close out signal.

Why is the enter signal being generated for the coin which already has an open position?

New input points are being detected while the price goes down the input level. New input signal can be send in appropriate situation. All open positions are being closed with the first exit signal for the related coin.

How is the profit rates of closed positions in the website being calculated?

Open positions are being correlated with the first exit signal and profit rate is being calculated accordingly. Exits which come after the first close out of related coin don’t show up in closed positions table!

The transmitted input signals are associated with the first output that follows them and the profitability rate is calculated. The outputs after the first closing of the respective coin are not placed in the closed position table!

How is the profit rate of the exit signals sent to the Telegram channel being calculated?

Why the input signal is being generated despite there’s open position?

Exit signals are being generated for your other possible coins that you are operating outside of GAG signals.

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