We are looking for co-workers

Help Desk Personel/Organizer

  • Follow up the subscriber payments and subscription deadlines,
  • Answer the public questions,
  • Knows how to use Telegram,
  • Kind, compatible, calm and solution oriented,
  • Knows English in mid-level.

Marketing Assistant

  • Having good communication and convincing skills,
  • Having active person on social media,
  • Willing to create and publish promotions & announcements,
  • Knows basics for blockchain technology,
  • Following the cryptocurrency markets,
  • Kind, compatible and creative personality,
  • Knows English in mid-level.

Graphic Designer

  • Knows any photo editing program (Photoshop, Illustrator etc.).
  • Ability to create simple, unique and staring posters used as announcements.
  • Kind, compatible and calm personality.
  • Knows English in starter level.

Telegram Expert

  • Experience about Telegram API's,
  • Knows how to create Telegram bot, and sending messages,
  • Experience about getting payment via Telegram,
  • Knows English in starter level.


  • Knows programming language,
  • Experience with exchange (Poloniex, Bittrex) API's,
  • Knows basics for blockchain technology,
  • Following the cryptocurrency markets daily,
  • Knows English in starter level,

If you are interested in one of these positions please send us your qualifications, occupation and location details using our contact form or send email to hellocryptogag.com. We will review your application and turn back to you in any condition.

If you have any questions

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