What is CryptoGAG?
Our intelligent robot software, named GAG, generates the enter and exit signals when the rules defined by our team are instantly scanned for crypto markets (Poloniex, Bittrex, Binance) and when appropriate conditions are met. These signals are shared with our members through CryptoGAG web site and private telegram channel.
Is CryptoGAG free?
You can find the detailed information from “Pricing” section.
Why should I trust the CryptoGAG?
It takes decisions only with rules. Does not feel stress and does not make mistakes. It does not make a holiday and it works very hard.
Can CryptoGAG be automatically trade in the crypto market for me?
No, GAG is not a trading bot.
Which stock exchanges are you sharing?
GAG generates signals for the Binance, Bittrex, and Poloniex exchanges.
How can I use the signals sent by CryptoGAG?
GAG creates two types of signal. “Enter” means buy the coin, “exit” means sell the coin. When the signals arrive, you do not have to hurry. We recommend to check current trend of the BTC against USD. The exchange of BTC against the USD negatively affects the Altcoins. In this case it may be safer to exit the Altcoin market and wait for the trend for entry to stabilize. You can see the BTC/USD index on the main page.

We expected that exit signal will come around 1 to 15 days after enter signal comes depending on the market. You may have more than one exit signal for the same enter signal. You can increase your profit by waiting for a while after the output signal for your risk level.

GAG Visual User Manuel (In Turkish)
Signal Services Details

How can I see the signals GAG create?
Members can reach the signals from,

How can I make registration on the site?
You can find our registration form at Register
I haven't received my password after the registration. How can I get it?
Your password has been sent to the e-mail address you provided after registration. Some e-mail providers may move the sent messages to your junk / spam mail box. If you don’t find a post with the subject ‘About Your CryptoGAG Membership’ in your inbox, check your ‘Junk / Spam’ box as well.
If you still can not find the email, you can request help from [email protected]
I can't login to the website with the password sent to my e-mail address. What should I do?
Your membership will be checked and approved by our operators within 12 hours at the latest. You will be able to access communication channels after the completion of control process. Please be patient during this time frame.
I can not get a signal from your telegram channel. Is there a problem?
From October 20 to December 1, we use the public Telegram channel where we share our signals for notification purposes. Make sure you are on the private channel named ‘CryptoGAG Signals’. If you still think you can’t get a signal after this check, please contact us with the telegram user code starting with @ symbol. Once we completed the related investigation on the issue, we’ll respond you.
I completed my membership transactions. When will I be added to the telegram signal channel?
Your membership will be checked and approved by our operators within 12 hours at the latest. You will be able to access communication channels after the completion of control process. Please be patient during this time. If you have sent us the Telegram user code properly during the registration form completion, your transaction will be speed up. If you have left the Telegram user code field blank on the registration form or have filled it incorrectly, please forward your existing username to [email protected]
How do I define my telegram username?
By following the steps at Sample Image, you can create a Telegram username that starts with @ symbol.
I've mistakenly exit from the telegram channel, what should I do?
You can request support via [email protected] by sending an e-mail including your registered e-mail address and telegram username.
P.S: If you perform the checkout process again, your channel will be blocked by the Telegram for security reasons.
Can I early terminate my membership and request a refund?
The terms and conditions of use are on our website Terms and there are no refunds except ‘extra or incorrect payments’.
I want to update the initial information on the registration form. What should I do?
If you send the information you want to update to [email protected] e-mail address, your data will be updated and notification will be sent to you.
Is monthly membership possible?
Yes. You can see the monthly membership selection section in step 2, once you select LTC payment option -which is under the payment information of the registration form- in step1. We cannot accept BTC payment for this option as our monthly membership fee is under many cryptomarket’ transaction fee.
How can I contact with CryptoGAG?
You can fill the contact form or send an e-mail to hellocryptogag.com address. We are waiting for all the comments and feedbacks. We will turn back to you in any condition

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